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Eğitim Dili: English
Wednesdays 15:00-17:00 from September 23 to December 9 2020
24 hours
Seviye: Intermediate
Certificate of Completion

Fiyat  1.300,00

Real Estate Development


By indoctrinating Real Estate Development Methodology in the sequence of project plan by means of it’s integration with Project management principles, increasing the consciousness of future designers on the field of Commercial Real Estate Management.

Who must take this course:Architecture/Interior Design/City Planning/Construction Engineering Departments 3rd or 4th grade students and/or graduates

You can also apply to Sustainable Real Estate Design courses.

24 Hours in Wednesdays 15:00-17:00, from September 23 to December 9, 2020

Begins: September 23, 2020

Next program starts: November 25 2020


Real estate development methodology from A to Z is approached by means of Project management principles starting from strategical planning & feasibility stages continued by design, integration, coordination, construction, commissioning and operational stages of commercial real estate projects. The whole process to be held with samples from real life and lessons learned. A workshop will be organized with the aim of teaching by living by means of analyzation of a realized project’s architectural design, interior design, landscape design, graphic design, lighting design, engineering and fire consultancy diciplines by using reverse engineering method with the contrubition of students. 


Strategy Plan, Function Decisions, Risk Management – How to develop the strategy by best-use analysis studies and shop-mix… (Expectations, conflicts and results of market research and concept design studies) 2 hours

Brief!.. Expectations from the concept design stage – Brain Storming Session with the contribution of students for a case study 2 hours
3 Brief!.. Expectations from the concept design stage – Brain Storming Session with the contribution of students for a case study 2 hours
4-5 Feasibility stage (How to prepare a full set of fesaibility study and it’s importance at the sucess of Real Estate Development Project) 4 hours
6 Concept Design stage (Concept design & energy efficiency) – How to create a sustainable concept 2 hours
7 Integration Management! 1. How to establish a connection and integrate the real estate development project with the city by reflecting the effect of various meeting points in the city scale to the project flow. 2. Integration of Concept Design, Design Development and Shop Drawing stages. 2 hours
8 Contract Management, Dispute resolution, Relationship Management – Sampling and Question–Answer methods 2 hours
9-10 Integration at Design Development Stage – Sustainble Design Management, Technical Project Management, Coordination of architectural and engineering diciplines 4 hours
11 Construction management (Risks at the construction stage and their results) Samplings from real life… 2 hours
12 Opening & Handover Stage (Integration of marketing, sales, leasing, commissioning and operation stages) 2 hours
13 Post-opening management & Lessons Learned! (Duties of companies, proffesionals, lanlords, investors, consultants and other players at the sector, various approaches by international and national companies and their results…)


2 saat


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Natali TOMA
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