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Eğitim Dili: English
September 29, October 1, 6, 8 2020 17:00-19:00
8 hours
Seviye: Intermediate
Certificate of Completion

Fiyat  2.200,00

Leading Change and High Performing Team Management


In a rapidly changing global world, management and leadership are complementary parts of the system. Management establishes a system, ensures consistency, makes plans, sets goals, and works to achieve them and ensures them to work.

Leadership is directional. It sets vision for the future and determines the need for change. Defines the strategies required for change. Leadership consensus works to create a common denominator and empowers individuals.

Change management is not done  only by implementing strategies and taking  decisions in board rooms. Touching the emotions of the employees, being closer to them and helping them find something from themselves in the change process are important points of change management. Change can be initiated and sustained only with such a leadership understanding.

In the effective change process, managing performance and unlocking the existing potential are a task that managers and leaders must do together. No company has the luxury to sacrifice performance because they are changing.

With this training, we aim to provide the support needed by leaders and managers in the change adaptation process for the new economic model formed after COVID-19, and to use the performance and potential of the company and employees at the highest level by creating a coaching culture in the change process.


Who must join:  Mid level managers, Team leaders, Business owners

Outcomes : Understanding change, working while managing change and keeping the total company performance at the highest level, working together with employees on the right performance goals

Leading Change and High Performing Team Management – Outline

Hour Content



2 Hrs


Welcome & Introductions

·         Your challenges – 4 groups (exercise 10 mins)

·         Share with the group – introduce yourself

Objectives & agenda

·         Change leadership

·         Maximising performance and potential

Stages of change

·         Kotter model (exercise 25 mins)

·         Commitment v compliance

Attitudes to change

·         Who moved my cheese? (exercise 15 mins)

2. Module



2 Hrs

Managing transition

·         Kubler Ross transition curve (exercise 30 mins)

·         Commitment matrix (exercise 30 mins)

Situational leadership

·         Management styles

The power of feedback

·         Reniforcing feedback

·         Developmental feedback (exercise 30 minutes)

3 Module



2 Hrs

Coaching in practice

·         Caoching skills

·         GROW

·         Example – role play

Coaching practice

·         (exercise and discussion 80 mins)

4 Module


2 Hrs

High quality performance reviews

·         Practice (exercise 60 mins)



































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