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Eğitim Dili: English
September 23, 2020, 20:00-22:00
2 hours
Seviye: Intermediate
Certificate of Completion

Fiyat  700,00

Engaging and Working Cross-Culturally Workshop – Short Course

Aim: We all operate in an increasingly complex commercial and professional environment that requires us to engage and work across cultures, be it customers, clients, suppliers, contractors, managers, fellow employees and colleagues within our own organisation.

Engaging and Working Cross-Culturally is a one day interactive workshop designed to explain the cross-cultural interaction process in detail and demonstrate how to use cultural awareness effectively, giving delegates cultural awareness skills and strategies they need to succeed in today’s challenging commercial environment in cross-cultural context. Through a series of group exercises, participants will refine their personal style and improve their ability to interact cross culturally.

Who must join: Anyone who needs to work, manage and communicate effectively across cultural and language boundaries in the local business.

Outcomes: Delegates will leave the workshop with a framework for understanding key cultural differences and similarities in approaches to doing business together with practical cross-cultural communication skills:

  • Understand behaviors in a cultural context
  • Lead with a cross-cultural mindset
  • Excel in multiculturateamworkingWork effectively with people from diverse backgrounds

The result is improved confidence and competence in working with local businesses or suppliers and customers from different cultural backgrounds.


Hrs Outline






1.      Module




      2 hrs









·         Cultural awareness and it’s benefits

How culturally intelligent are you?

·         What is culture?

·         National culture, sub-cultures

How does it effect our communication

·         Cultural dimensions (Hofstede):

·         Power distance

·         Individualistic vs. collectivist

·         Uncertainity avoidance

·         Masculinity vs. femininity

·         Long term vs. short term orientation

·         Indulgence vs. Restraint



Communication within a cross-cultural context: Time management, body language, prejudices, etc.


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Hande Karabatak BİNNS
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