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Eğitim Dili: English
September 22,24,29, October 1, 15:00-17:00 pm
8 hours
Seviye: Intermediate
Certificate of Completion

Fiyat  2.200,00

Conducting Effective Negotiations in Cross-Cultural Context

Aim: We all operate in an increasingly complex commercial and professional environment that requires us to negotiate daily not only with customers, clients, suppliers and contractor, but also with managers, fellow employees and colleagues within our own organisation.

This course is designed to explain the negotiation process in detail and demonstrate how to use it effectively, giving delegates the negotiation skills and strategies they need to succeed in today’s challenging commercial environment in cross-cultural context. Through a series of group exercises, participants will refine their personal negotiating style and improve their ability to bargain successfully globally.

Who must join: : International Sales Teams, International Business Development Teams,  Business owners looking for new market

Outcomes : Organisational Impact

  • Help build organisational capability to add real value through the negotiation process
  • Enable better strategic planning and management of the negotiation process leading to the implementation of more stable and workable agreements that protect key relationships
  • Increase ability to deal effectively with people both internally within the organisation and externally with customers, clients, suppliers and other third parties
  • Enhance ability to assertively claim value in negotiations that increase organisational profits
  • Better assessment of what represents a good negotiation outcome through the understanding of core organisational interests
  • Enhance the ability to negotiate outcomes that meet or exceeding organisational goals

Personal Impact

    • Gain an insight into their own natural negotiation style and how to adapt it to be become a more effective negotiator
    • Have the skill to think analytically and strategically about the negotiation process
    • Learn how to engage in true value creating collaborative negotiation and enhanced their own personal negotiation skills
    • Have developed a range of negotiation strategies and an understanding of when to use them to maximize outcomes
  • Have enhanced vital leadership, management and personal skills and gain the confidence to negotiate in cross-cultural cotext

Conducting Effective Negotiations in Cross-Cultural Context – OUTLINE

Hours Outline






1.      Module




      2 hrs


·         Your challenges – 4 groups (exercise 10 mins)

Share with the group – introduce yourself

An Overview of Cross-Cultural Negotiation

·         Negotiation as a key leadership skill

·         Individual negotiation styles (exercise and debriefing)

·         Cross-Cultural Negotiation

Managing Cross-Cultural Negotiations

2.      Module

2 hrs

Cultural Awareness

·         How our brains are wired: Categorisation/Stereotypes/Attributions

·         False consensus error

·         Cultural Awareness and it’s benefits: Individual, Corporate and Society levels

·         How culturally intelligent/aware are you? (test)

Cultural Intelligence and Cultural Values

·         Cultural Intelligence

·         What is a culture? : National – Subcultures /Corporate/Personal

·         How do cultures create values? (exercise and debriefing 30 mins)

·         Turkish culture from the eyes of foreigners



3 Module


2 hrs


Intercultural Communication

·         What is communication?

·         Barriers in communication

·         Time Perspective – test

·         Verbal communication

·         Low and high context cultures

·         Communication styles across cultures

·         Language : Global English

·         Nonverbal communication

·         Personal distance

·         Body language






4 Module

2 hrs







Cultural Dimensions and Negotiation

·         Similarities and differences between cultures: (Case studies and discussions)

·         Power distance

·         Individualistic vs. collectivist

·         Uncertainty avoidance

·         Masculinity vs. Femininity

·         Long term vs. short term orientation

·         Uncertainty avoidance

·         Masculinity vs. femininity

·         Long term vs. short term orientation


 Understanding Negotiating Styles Across Cultures




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Hande Karabatak BİNNS
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